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In this interview in French (English subtitles), Jacques Attali, a former adviser to President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, promotes the idea of Jerusalem as the planetary capital and as headquarters of a World Government. English subtitles by Habeas Corpus Canada.

Jacques Attali, in speaking of Jewish tradition, and the appearance of the Messiah, did not tell the whole story. No doubt, Attali withheld vital details because of strategy.

However, in 1950, in The Universal Republic (LA REPUBLIQUE UNIVERSELLE), Adrien Arcand (1899-1967), a career journalist, devout Roman Catholic Fascist and fierce opponent of World Government, explained the conditions for the arrival of the Jewish Messiah. Said Arcand:

"The broad lines of the conspiracy, according to the explanations of the Jewish authors, are these:

the final goal pursued is the conquest and domination of the world, without which, the Messiah awaited by the Jews will not come. This conquest is a prerequisite for the coming of their Messiah and of the messianic millennium of domination over the Gentile peoples.

the conquest must be made by the conjugated work of all sorts of internationals operating simultaneously to dissolve the political sovereignties, national borders, religious ethics, local traditions and social classes, leaving all the other races defenceless before the final assault by means of the great World Revolution."

Read The Universal Republic, download the free eBook ("Free eBooks" on the top menu) and view the Bitchute channel for Adrien Arcand Books.

Jacques Attali, when interviewed in the Quebec Bar Review (Le Journal, April 2010), reports that "A NEW WORLD ORDER is taking shape based on the economy, and the law must necessarily give it a framework. At any rate, a recasting of the role of lawyers is unavoidable." See page 2 of the English translation in the zip file linked below.

In other words, for Mr. Attali, the LAW of Canada, the LAW of the province of Quebec, must be subjugated to the objects of the New World Order (whose capital is to be ISRAEL). That's backwards.

In REAL "Law", if the "new world order" violates the LAW, notably the constitutional law of sovereign countries, by being inconsistent with the Constitution of the nation, notably by eradicating the nation and its Constitution, the LAW of these countries cannot give the "new world order" a framework. The "new world order" is, legally speaking, null and void.

Free download of the Attali interview, together with the French original, and a copy of the full-length video, in French only.


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