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While some teach us to look for the Antichrist, the Bible teaches us to look out for one who rules the World because he's about to deceive many into accepting the laws and the image of the beast-kingdom?

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Today's presentation outline seven things I will share
1. Review the book of Revelation 13: so we can define the name of the beast
2. Name beast- beast "NOT the Antichrist" because the Bible is not telling us to name the Antichrist.
3. Name the 2-branch government system (State & Church)
4. Name the beast-kingdom that is not, yet it is who is trying to deceive us
5. Name the beast- who consecrated the World to the image
6. Name the beast- who made WAR with the Saints
7. Name the beast- who is planning to set the image in the Third Temple
• Conclusion: because at the end, God will send His Trumpet Angels to destroy those who followed the beast.

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▶️ Check out other videos that keep you informed of what’s about to happen before they build the third Temple. Plus, I encourage you to ask your teacher to identify the beast; if not, you’re in trouble because Hosea 4:6-14 says, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Therefore, people who do not understand will be trampled.

▶️ Five tips that identify the beast (two branch government) that causes WAR (Rev, 13)
Rome & the U.N. is the One World Government that’s enforcing the New World Order by 2030
1: First beast is the (State) Revived Roman Kingdom & his 3-allies; under the United Nations (UN)
2: Second beast is the (Church) false prophet lamb with 2-horns; under the Catholic & Ecumenical Christians
3: Image of the beast is the (idol of the kingdom) the queen of heaven from the Catholic Church
4: Mark of the beast is the (laws & doctrines) of the State and Church to worship his image
5: Name of the beast is the (Revived Roman Empire) that has a man’s name “Roman” adds to 666

▶️ Seven Period Timeline that help us see the Seven Seals & Third Temple (Revelation)
1: Millennial Reign of Christ on earth who destroys the work of Satan, his two ministers dressed in lamb clothing
2: Tribulation- Time of the Gentile is when God released 5 of 7 seals because they did not listen during Church History. (current)
3: 70th Wk of Daniel is a 7-yr peace plan that includes building the Third Temple (next event)
4: Great Tribulation is a 3 ½ yr. period that marks the middle of the 7-years when Rome breaks the treaty and God releases the last 2 seals, that included the Seven Trumpet Angels
5: Rapture signifies the end of the 7-yrs; at the last trumpet, saints are taken into heaven [Post-Trib, Pre-Wrath]
6: Wrath of God is when Gog- attacks Israel during the Armageddon War, God releases the Seven Bowl Angels on the two beast-kingdoms, those left behind
7: Kingdom of God begins; refers to the hope we have heaven, a paradise with no more pain or suffering ever again

Most images are from Wikipedia &, modified by Jose Salinas and his daughter Jada. Yet, if you donate and request it, I will send the transcript with the sources.

See complete details on our website for education, criticism, comment... Scripture from the Authorized Kings James Version (AKJV) paraphrased. Charts Copyright © 2000-2022 By Jose Oscar Salinas, All Rights Reserved

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