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It was a cool, dry day with temps only reaching the mid 60s across our area, in part due to filtered sunshine from the smoke from the West Coast Wildfires. We will be dealing with this smoke until a stronger cold front and a dip in the jet stream forces it south by the weekend. Otherwise, Hurricane Sally may wind up intensifying as it crawls northward at a slow walking pace toward Mobile and Pensacola. It is likely that TWO FEET of rain or more could fall, and this in addition to the storm surge is going to mean devastating flooding for the coastal areas of AL and western FL panhandle. The EURO tracks it a bit slower and eastward than the GFS and is more intense. And Sally will take all day on Wed to get through. After that, the remnants track out toward the Carolinas by Friday, all we should see is some cloud cover. Tomorrow will be a little warmer than today for our area, with temps reaching above 70 degrees.

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