"Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good."
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the illuminati and the secret societies that have enveloped all political spectrums , all cultural mainstreams , they have engulfed the masses in the greatest hoax of all time the greatest deception the greatest hustle the world has ever seen where every man woman and child is enslaved by thoughtlessness and cooperation in their own economic enslavement , witchcraft is being practiced upon the masses and the masses believe no trust and love to eat the lies up , the lucis trust is united nations war machine and is the ruler of the world , we have no country and should be invested in lawfully peacefully reinstating our constitutional republic so that america may be free so perhaps one day other nations will follow suite and find real freedom not the false freedom of the vatican illuminati alumbrados jesuite scum , this is the age of deception and we are being deceived , the new age is the old age and the old age is the old babylon tune the same old tune the tune of the masses believing the bullshit that bellows through their eardrums as they listen to the news and television as they sit and scroll on facebook slowly more and more indoctrinating themselves into the madness that is a lack of clarity in thinking , these people have won long ago and we sit and ponder and people sit and say that we still have a country ? i knew long ago that something was wrong and never could put my finger on it , until i found the conspiracies because people like william cooper and jordan maxwell brought something to the table ive never seen in such depth , especially william cooper , i could name off other countless people like ralph epperson who hates william cooper or like freeman fly who is awesome but kinda goes a little to far out sometimes , but they dont have as many people and as much time and as much money and work into it as cooper did he had 10,000 people on an intelligence team that was checking and rechecking information before it was read so it was verified over and over and so that these broadcasts could be brought to us and we could understand the past so that we may understand the present , DO NOT GIVE UP - NEVER SAY DIE --NEVER GIVE IN - NEVER SURRENDER -- NEVER SAY NEVER -- NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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