"Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good."
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We really have to understand and pay attention to the signs of the times we’re living in. With the increase of knowledge, natural disasters, famine, pestilences, wars, perversions, false prophets, and false christs, etc., it becomes very clear that we are living in the ‘End of the Age’ as JESUS CHRIST spoke and warned us of.

Many Churches around the world have sold us out to greed, lust, and politics; and have failed our communities. Sin is spreading like a wild fire. Leaders in churches are not reaching out to the communities to help prevent sin from spreading.

Christ Forgiveness Ministries (CFM) Memphis is under CFM Global which was founded by Pastor David Lynn out of Canada. CFM Churches around the world is trying to slow down the lawlessness, and stop or prevent it from continuing while we still can. The Church of brick and mortar as we know it is dying out. Churches will eventually survive in smaller buildings, homes, businesses, fields, and parks until our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST returns. How could the church make a difference if we are not willing to "Go throughout the world to preach the Gospel"?

CFM Memphis is willing to help change lives spiritually, mentally, and physically by getting out in the areas where no other ministries want to go. CFM Memphis is new and is not official yet but is in the process of being established. GOD ALMIGHTY is calling all 'Christian Believers' to get involved so if you are a part of a church that's not producing "Spiritual Fruit" for the "Kingdom of Heaven" or not a part of a church home or is looking to fellowship and grow your relationship with JESUS CHRIST; GOD Who came in the Flesh, consider becoming a part of CFM Memphis. With the help of the LORD, we can help you be more productive in increasing GOD’S Kingdom here on earth. You can contact us by downloading the 'Telegram' App, and reaching out to CFM Memphis (901) 450-8855. The LORD wants all HIS people to be active in HIM when HE returns. How will HE find us?

May the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Bless the reader of this message to stand strong in HIM when the rise of persecution come upon the world to test all Believers, in JESUS CHRIST Holy Name, AMEN.

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