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Taiwan is ready to go to war with China, confirms that it is preparing missiles that go straight to the center of Beijing

Taiwan's government has said it is ready to go to war with China, if the country is truly annexed.

Even Taiwan has confirmed that it has prepared missiles that have a direct range to the center of Beijing.

Interestingly, the missile which is said to be able to penetrate China is not a shipment from the United States, but a domestically made supersonic missile.

The chairman of the Taiwan Legislative Assembly, You Si-kun, made a quite surprising statement.

You told China that the Taiwan Strait is international waters not belonging to one country.

Even You in his speech did not hesitate to warn the President of China, Xi Jinping loudly.

He said the number one person in the Communist country should think twice before attacking Taiwan.

He vowed that China would not be able to avoid the secret missiles currently in possession of Taiwan.

Taiwan confirmed the missile in its possession is named Yun Feng and is believed to have started development after the Taiwan Strait crisis since 1996.

Yun Feng's missile has undergone a renewal from its initial range of 600 miles, now to 1,200 miles.

The cruising range of the Yun feng missile is claimed to be able to reach Beijing, which is located about 1,150 miles from Taiwan.

So far, Taiwan has considered itself to be living under constant threat of invasion from China.

If Taiwan does not have democratic power of its own, then at another time it will always be under threat and could be taken back one day by China.

Meanwhile, the United States and the West consider the Taiwan Strait to be international waters that are open to all countries.

Even though it is considered an international property, what the West and the United States have done has sparked the anger of China.

China's Foreign Ministry Spokesman firmly said that his country has sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction over the Taiwan Strait.

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