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This is practice Rapture debate with Jimmy Evans because he teaches what I was taught in Bible College. Yet, I'm focusing on the 1000-Year Millennial reign because the timeline shows that once you're in heaven, you stay in heaven and do not return for an additional 1000 years, then tested by Satan again.

Yet, I'm hoping many will email him, Jan Markell, and other teachers, asking them to please prepare a team to cross-examine my timelines or debate me for the love of truth to stop division in the church. Because I discovered that the Pre-Tribulation doctrine is a misunderstanding, or someone is setting us up for the falling away event before the Jewish people build the Third Temple.

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▶️Why do I feel qualified to debate this topic? I’m publishing books below.
1: “The Holy Bible” re-arranged back in its Historical Chronological Order. A Cambridge Edition: (AKJV) 1611-1909 That helps us read it like a history book & understand what happened inside the 1st & 2nd Temple.
2: “The Book of Revelation original scroll layout “ Volume-1, a Cross-Reference book. That helps us understand the Seven-Seal Judgments timeline by paralleling the events ourselves so we can prepare for the Third Temple and the Rapture.
3: “Church History 2,000 Years paralleled with the book of Revelation Seven Seals. A book and chart that shows us that 5 of the 7-Seals came to pass during the Roman Persecution and the Catholic Inquisitions, who made war with the Saints because they would not accept the mark or image of the beast. (law & idol of the kingdom).

▶️ 7 tips that identify the beast (2-branch government) that causes WAR (Rev, 13, 16, 17)
Rome & U.N. is the One World Government trying to enforce the New World Order by 2030
Playlist video:
1: First beast (State) Revived Roman Empire leads 3-allies; under the U.N. (Gog-Magog)
2: Second beast (Church) false prophet 2-horn lamb (Catholic & Ecumenical Christians)
3: Image of the beast (idol of the kingdom), the queen of heaven from the Catholic Church
4: Mark of the beast (laws & doctrines) of the Rome that make you sin, contrary to God’s laws
5: Name of the beast (Revived Roman Empire) that has a man’s name, “Roman,” adds to “666.”
6: Mystery Babylon (Nova Roma) under a different name that worships the dragon in secrete 17:
7: Three evil spirits like frogs, Satan’s forces; U.N. (State) Catholic (Church) NATO (Military) 16:3

▶️ 3 tips that identify false teachers; Rome’s helpers who distract or hinder from knowing the truth, refuse to name the real enemy or taught, not to mention the false Church that was and is.
1) Coronating the dragon inside the Vatican & the State that protects her per Rev, 17:7
2) Collaborating with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, blaming Russia as the North army, but it’s NATO
3) Creating Pre-trib false doctrine that sets up the fallen away saints when they see the Third Temple
So, watch my videos until the end, informing you of what’s about to happen before they build the third Temple. Plus, I encourage you to ask your teacher to identify the beast; if not, you’re in trouble because Hosea 4:6-14 says, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Therefore, people who do not understand will be trampled.
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Most images are from Wikipedia &, modified by Jose Salinas and his daughter Jada. Yet, if you donate and request it, I will send the transcript with sources.

See complete details on our website for education, criticism, comment... Scripture from mainly the Authorized Kings James Version (AKJV) paraphrased. Charts Copyright © 2000-2022 By Jose Oscar Salinas, All Rights Reserved.
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