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Hybrid press briefing by Ambassador Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China and President of the Security Council for August.

Asked about a possible visit by the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun said, “our position is firm. Our determination is firm. We will do whatever we can to defend our sovereignty and territorial integrity. I hope the US government officials understand that well.”

Speaking today (01 Aug) in New York, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun, whose country is presiding the presidency of the Security Council for the month of August, briefed reporters on the Council’s agenda for August.

Asked about Taiwan, Ambassador Zhang answered in his national capacity, “as we can see such a visit s is apparently very much dangerous, very much provocative. If the US insists on making the visit, China will take firm and strong measures to safeguard our national sovereignty and the territorial integrity. Definitely such a way that undermines the one China principle, undermines China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, it also undermines the peace and stability in the Tanwain street. So, if such a visit happens, it will also undermines the relationship between China under the United States.”

Asked about the AUKUS Project, Ambassador Zhang said, “China, together with other regional countries all have serious concerns about the AUKUS cooperation project. It's very clear that US and UK are nuclear powers, and Australia is not a nuclear State. And this is a nuclear project. And it's relating to the transfer of high enriched uranium and other nuclear materials. Such an act definitely violates the purpose and the principles of the NPT Treaty.”

Asked about DPRK, the Chinese Ambassador said, “the role played by the Security Council definitely should be conducive in seeking to improve the situation, instead of making the situation even worse. So on that, for China, we do not think additional sanctions will bring the situation to anywhere, instead, it will further deteriorate the tension among the parties, so that's why we are not in favor of having additional sanctions. Also, because sanctions are causing humanitarian sufferings to the innocent people in DPRK.”


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