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Describes the fundamental shift in 'spiritual' beliefs of the world, over time, as a function of the deceptions of the Luciferians, who promote the new 'spirituality', or 'new age', belief systems. These deceptions were made possible by the gradual process of adopting (for example) beliefs in both evolution and science (as a heretical 'replacement' of God?), via a series of false teachings and numerous hoaxes based upon so-called fossil record 'proofs'. These so-called 'proofs' (deceptive 'hoaxes') were widely publicized, ultimately shaking the beliefs and foundations of the generations that followed. However, the false teachings remain, now widely embraced, despite the fact that it has been clearly shown, that *all* were, indeed, hoaxes. (Why does the LIE persist?)

Regardless, after the traditional belief in God was shaken, then people were open to further deceptions, such as the mystical, esoteric, 'spiritual', and 'new age' teachings. Although there are quite diverse and varied beliefs among these new contenders, they all have a common, humanistic, and Luciferian component which allows them to become unified into a global, one-world religious system, which is a requisite for the coming and revelation of the antichrist figure (AKA the man of perdition).

Everything has fallen into place; as a 'Christian', are you ready for the New World Order, and the horrific persecution, and the changes to come?

Be assured--There is one source of knowledge, and one source of truth, which remains stable and unchanged--the Word of God--the Bible, which has not evolved or changed over time, as the world's beliefs seem to have. Members of God's true church have no need of 'new' beliefs or replacement theologies; the foundations of Biblical truths remain unshaken, for all time.

Come out of her, brothers and sisters, and come back to the fold of the Lamb...Discard and disavow those false doctrines and the ever-changing ways and traditions of Man, ask forgiveness, repent, and seek your salvation via the only way to God-- Jesus Christ, or *Yeshua*. May God bless all viewers...

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