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Learn Christology the Mideast Peace Recipe: Advance Guide to Achieving Peace in the Mideast.

The Course is designed for Christian and Muslim Leaders or Mideast Peace Lovers that are well versed in the knowledge of the Holy Bible and the Koran.

It Emphasis the Urgent Need for Religious Self Examination

The Course Program Teaches Christian and Muslim Leaders to carefully study the Life patterns of their Leaders who are the Lord Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed, the Great, respectively.

Umane Paul BIO

Paul Omo Umane is the Founder, President/ Coordinator-General of a non-profit, Cross of Calvary Foundation of Nigeria Inc.

He is an Author and Instructor @ United Humanity Academy under the platform of Simpliv. Com USA.

Learn Christology the Mideast Peace Recipe, targets Christian and Muslim Leaders that are Lovers of Peace in the Middle East.

They are political, religious and business leaders that are genuinely interested in brokering Peace in the Middle East, the Gateway to global peace.

The course is carefully designed and packaged to meet the requirements of the teaming population of students around the Globe that are seeking enrollment.

Are you interested in a fun fact about Umane Paul? Well, at the age of 13, Paul had already become a double orphan, having lost his dad at the age of 10 and mum @ 13 years of age, respectively.

However, today, by the special Grace of God and or Allah, the Almighty, he is married to a university graduate woman and has four lovely children who are all university graduates.

It accounts for why the man of God, Paul, sets-up a non-profit, Cross of Calvary Foundation of Nigeria Inc that works in collaboration with sister national and international Bodies to bring succor to orphans, vulnerable children and widows.

It equally accounts for why the Foundation gives birth to the United Humanity Academy to try and give back to his Fellow-humanity by brokering Peace in the Mideast.

Who this course is for:

The Middle East Peace Lovers

Basic knowledge
Advance Knowledge of the Holy Bible and Koran
What will you learn
How to Broker Peace in the Middle East
#Christology #Mideast #Humanities

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