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Ecclesiastes 1:9
What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.
In the late 800s BC, the frail, weak-minded, idiot Ahab son of Omri was crowned king of Israel.
Now, the nation had split into two factions by this stage: Israel whose capital was Samaria, and Judah whose capital was Jerusalem
Ahab is described as the most evil of all the kings of Israel up to that point, following in the sins of Jeroboam, his predecessor, and the first ruler of the northern kingdom of Israel upon the United Israel’s split. Which of Jeroboam’s sins is the most infamous? Tearing apart the United Monarchy that David had established by illicitly taking several of its territories and erecting two golden calves to steal their loyalty, hearts, and worship!
Ahab married Jezebel, the false prophetess, Baalist witch, and princess from Sidon, a Phoenician territory.
Taking her witchcraft with her to Israel, Ahab allowed her to introduce Baal worship and to oust Yahwism, which saw the building of demonic statues that were set on fire and on whose arms babies were sacrificed.
In addition, sexual promiscuity was normalised, more than likely in the form of shrine prostitution to the goddess Asherah.
She assembled a propaganda machine of 850 false prophets of Baal and Asherah…
…forcing God’s prophets to hide away in caves and seclusion.
There was one Tishbite from outside the centre of power, Elijah, who was called to expose the propagandists’ lies.
Unwilling to give an inch, they danced to draw attention to themselves…
Shouted more loudly to hold their flock’s attention…
And cut, slashed, and bled people as a matter of course in the hope of holding onto their power.
Anyone who saw through or spoke against her family’s nonsense was cancelled.
At worst, their lives were threatened.
They set their eyes on land that could strengthen them, satisfy their cravings, and further consolidate their power…
… and in making their bed with sinister convicts…
…they watched the land they loved so much burn.
Taxes increased, impoverishing the citizenry, and yoking them to debt-collectors…
…and the righteous men who could possibly do something about it were tortured psychologically in such twisted vogue that suicide seemed preferable.
The prophets began saying that Jehu was God’s choice, but years passed, and no one in the establishment bought it.
Jezebel even mockingly referred to him as Zimri, a king who’d lit a building on fire while he was still in it and died—someone foolish who was his own worst enemy.
Finally, there came a day on which the King of Judah and the propagandist false prophets lulled Ahab into fighting against the King of Aram. Fuelled by his own hubris, energised by his adulating supporters, and lured into a trap by a deceiving spirit sent by God, Ahab rode into battle in disguise only to get hit by a stray missile and die of blood loss—which thirsty dogs were more than happy to drink up.
Jezebel outlived him, but in the end, no matter what she dressed herself in or what face she wore, her own servants defenestrated her.
Lastly, the prophets of God were proved right when they said that Jehu was the rightful King of Israel. He exterminated the house of Ahab and the temple of Baal, enacting God’s divine judgement on the wicked.
God is once again calling a Jehu to usher in justice to a nation set to be led by a crime family with Satanic allegiances… a Jehu who is on the right side of history…
The question is: Who will you stand with?


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