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So, here we go again -- the Church's largest charitable organization, Caritas Internationalis finds itself embroiled in another McCarrick-esque sex abuse scandal.

CNN just dug up the fact that the head of the international Catholic charity's African branch, Salesian Father Luk Delft—a notorious convicted sex offender--was nevertheless promoted to the prominent Caritas position.

Cardinal Luis Tagle -- President of Caritas and popular choice for successor to Pope Francis -- was informed of the Delft situation back in 2017, but elected to presume somebody else would take care of it. Since then, Delft is accused of abusing still more children.

Whoops. So much for last year’s Vatican Clerical Sexual Abuse Summit.

Michael Matt asks the question: How much more scandal will Francis Church orchestrate before ethe Catholic people wake up? If the CEO of any company were this negligent, he would be run out of town on a rail. So, why not the cats running the Vatican?

And, by the way, what in the world is with Pope Francis the Politician's Leftist connections? The man is so in bed with the Left he could be Bernie Sanders' running mate, for Pete's sake. In fact, Francis’s right-hand man, Bishop Sorondo, invited Bernie to speak at the Vatican a few years back. No wonder they all hate Trump!

Finally, brand-new video of pro-abort Jeff Sachs hosting a Sustainable Development Goals UN youth symposium in the Vatican during the Amazon Synod. You can't make this stuff up.

Forget Francis the False Prophet of Revelation. Let’s look at Francis the political hack. What if Francis is a just a radical politician whose job is to run the Catholic Church into the ground in order to make room for the New World Order?

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