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#Hungary #Fireball
Huge green fireball lights up the night sky over Győr, Hungary
A huge green fireball lit up the night sky over Hungary and was recorded from different parts of the country. Eyewitnesses said they saw a fireball, specifically a bright meteor that spread across the sky just after 6pm. Thursday. The light in the night sky can be seen in Hungary and was caught on camera by many eyewitnesses. It is not clear if the entire meteor burned into the atmosphere or if some of it fell to the ground. An unusually bright green fireball appeared over the country on December 13, 2022 at 18:00 Central European Time (Middle East). The Hungarian Meteorological Society (MMT) camera at Gyor captured a rare bright light bulb, which due to its location was likely to be seen in Slovakia and the southern Gyor area in Hungary. The extremely bright fireball exploded several times, which can be clearly seen in the image taken by the camera. There is no sound effect in the observation area, and according to initial reports, instruments detecting highly sensitive seismic shock waves that are undetectable to humans have not yet recorded a trace of the explosion, making it unlikely that some of the exploding meteorite fragments reached Earth.
In any case, MMT experts will try to use the fireball trajectory element to calculate where the smaller bug pieces might have a potential impact area. Compared to other similar phenomena, the fireball observed early Thursday morning was significantly slower. However, even though the sky was cloudy, the lighting effect was very good. In many countries, including Hungary, there are automated camera systems that cover a larger or wider area. In Hungary, it is the Hungarian Fireball camera network operated by MMT. From analysis of camera footage, elements of the fireball's orbit can be identified and calculated, greatly facilitating the search and collection of meteorites that may have reached the surface.

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