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Volodymyr Ishchenko, Ho-Fung Hung, Anuradha Chenoy, Phyllis Bennis
Moderator: Arun Kundnani

What are the long-term global implications of the war on Ukraine less than a year after the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan? Does it mark the beginning of a new era of inter-imperial rivalries? What are the key strategic goals for today’s great powers? Which regions will be the focus of future conflicts? What challenges and opportunities does this pose to progressive forces?

0:00 PART I: Opening of the panel
0:57 Phyllis Bennis: The war in Ukraine, racism, and inter-imperialist wars.

11:07 Volodymyr Ishchenko: The war in Ukraine and the need for more empirically-grounded frameworks to understand the war.

21:50 Ho-Fung Hung: The conflict among US, Russia, and China, and how progressive movements around the world should be thinking on how to respond?

32:10 Anuradha Chenoy: On the geopolitics emerging from the war in Ukraine and its impact on the global South.

46:25 PART II: Questions to the pannelists
46:32 Question to Phyllis Benns: How should we think about the double standard adopted by the West in terms of racism, were other non-West struggles for national liberation had been largely ignored while the conflict in Ukraine has been largely supported?

54:26 Question to Vlodymyr Ischchenko: If we cannot draw any comparison between the resistance to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the anti-colonial struggles of the 20th century, how do you see, for instance, the conflict in Chechenia? What happened there within the terms of your analysis? Would it fit a model of an anti-colonial paradigm?

1:03:16 Question to Ho-Fung: If we accept that a better analogy to the war in Ukraine is the conflict between Britain and Germany a century ago or earlier instead of the analogy to the Cold war that is widely used nowadays, how does that affect the way we think about what progressive forces movements might do?

1:11:09 Question to Anuradha Chenoy: You talked about an “unusual pushback” from African governments and the global South to US attempts to mobilize the global South against Russia. Do you think that a kind of overreach has happened here for the United States in the global South and how do you see the developments you were talking about in the context of the US decline?

1:15:33 PART III: Q&A
1:17:03 Has the military aid been given to Ukraine for free or is it a loan? Is it a debt? How much of the agricultural land in Ukraine has been bought or taken over by US agricultural transnational corporations?

1:27:14 Which political and economic system will last longer, China or the United States, and which is the most vulnerable to revolutionary change?

1:32:36 What will the consequences be for the Middle East in this new geopolitical framework?

1:44:10 PART IV: Closing remarks
1:44:12 What can progressive movements take away from this panel that might help them in thinking about navigating this new geopolitical terrain?

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