"Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good."
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In this video you will see how to test if a person who claims to be a prophet is true or false. David uses the example in the Bible in the book of Deuteronomy to see if a person is truly speaking on behalf of God or if he is speaking on his own behalf. Many people say that they have heard a word from the Lord but how do you really test this to see if it is true? The test of a prophet is that they must be 100% correct 100% of the time. If They are not correct 100% of the time they are a false prophet. The Bible says that they should be punished by death for speaking on behalf of the Lord when they are speaking on behalf of themselves. Many people have claimed to be prophets now the Bible gives us a way to examine them so that we do not follow after false prophets. Many of the worlds religions have been founded on prophetic words that are not true. We see this example especially in Mormonism, Islam in other religions where a prophet supposedly gets a word from the Lord but actually it is a false prophecy or false prophet. When a person is discovered to be a false prophet we are to have nothing to do with them and her to avoid them and encourage others to avoid them at all cost. If you discover a person is a false prophet you should let people know about their false prophecy specifically where they speak on behalf of what the Lord says but it is discovered that it is a lie. The Bible will always give us a way to check and see whether what we are believing is true or false. God does not want us to run into the side of error. Be careful what you let in to your life and so far as your teachings that you receive from religious people. Take all things and test them in the light of God’s word and you will never go wrong. A great example of this is when Paul went to see the Bereans and the Berean’s check what he said that his Paul against the word of God. Paul considered what the Bereans did to be a noble deed. Be yourself like the Bereans and check everything against scripture.

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