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How many people have died in the world from coronavirus ? 2021 #COVID-19

When will the pandemic end and what awaits us next? Doctors and scientists have different answers to this question. From the need for a fourth vaccination to endemia and the removal of all restrictions.

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The situation with the coronavirus in Germany is ambiguous. On the one hand, the number of new cases of coronavirus infection has reached a level at which quarantine would have been declared unconditionally last year. On the other hand, there is growing hope for an end to the pandemic, and discussions about lifting restrictions are becoming increasingly tough. In Germany, as in a number of other European countries, a wave of protest is gaining momentum for the abolition of restrictions on weed control. Many cite Denmark as an example, where, despite the record number of cases of infection, almost all restrictions have already been lifted. The Danish authorities believe that further restrictive measures will damage the economy, welfare and democracy in the country.

In turn, German Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (Karl Lauterbach) said that the weakening of quarantine measures is now impossible. And it will be possible to talk about lifting restrictions only by Easter, that is, by mid-April. If this happened now, the omicron wave would only stretch for a longer time, the Minister of Health is convinced.

Will Omicron lead to the end of the pandemic?
We know that vaccinations can protect against the severe course of the disease. And the covid infection itself does not cause panic now, because the omicron variant rarely leads to a severe form of the disease. In the United States and in some European countries, the number of cases is decreasing. Precisely because omicron is more contagious than previous variants of the coronavirus, there is hope that the pandemic may develop into an endemic. This means that the coronavirus will not disappear completely, but will appear in a certain region among certain groups of the population at a certain time. We can finally get back to normal! But is this really the case? Is it worth succumbing to euphoria? The honest answer is we don't know!

Vaccination against coronavirus

No expert, no politician, no journalist can say exactly how the situation will change in the coming months. Because it is unknown how the coronavirus will mutate further. One thing is obvious - it will mutate. After all, this is how viruses behave when they are in the human body. "We don't know what other options will be, whether they will be able to bypass the immune system and whether they will lead to a severe course of the disease," says Gerard Krause, an epidemiologist at the Helmholtz Center in Braunschweig. "I do not share the euphoria that the omicron variant will be the beginning of an endemic disease."

"It is quite possible that the omicron wave will subside and the delta variant will return to replace this coronavirus variant," says Ulrike Procer, head of the Institute of Virology at the Technical University of Munich.

What are the options for the development of the situation scientists call
Old or new, dangerous or relatively safe variants of the coronavirus may reappear. But even if the virus becomes endemic, it is still dangerous, and the situation can change quickly. "Endemia does not mean that everything has passed, and now the situation is safe. Of course, the situation may change if a new mutated variant appears and causes an epidemic again," says Hayo Sieb from the Leibniz Institute.

"If it does not become endemic, there will be a protracted epidemic situation in which spikes will occur from time to time. It is also an alternative that we have to bypass, thanks to careful attitude, compliance with the necessary measures and vaccinations," says Sib.

Despite the unclear prospects, certain decisions need to be made. For example, what restrictions can be relaxed or what measures can be taken if the number of infected people increases again. All this should be decided by politicians, not scientists.

Will omicron be a way out of the pandemic?

The chief physician of the clinic for the treatment of lung diseases in Mersa, Thomas Voshaar, in an interview with Deutschlandfunk, called omicron, a type of coronavirus, a way out of the pandemic and urged not to restrain its spread. If one hundred percent of the population got sick with omicron, it would be the end of the pandemic, he believes. At the same time, he does not share concerns about what will happen in German clinics in this situation. "There is nothing to say that the intensive care wards will work at the limit of their capabilities. We can cope with the help of ordinary wards. After all, omicron does not cause a severe course of the disease. And the increase in the number of patients will be observed only for a short time. But after that, it would be a big step forward," the doctor believes. #COVID-19 COVID-2022

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