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With the revelations coming out by Sidney Powell, a leading member of Trump's legal team and viewed over many blogs and interviews, it is becoming clear that Donald Trump actually won the election so overwhelmingly that the computer programmed vote fraud was not enough. Consequently the election had to be stopped in the key battleground states in order to do more obvious vote fraud.. Because Donald Trump did not concede, the investigation of this more obvious vote fraud has led to the unravelling, which is now being made public, that the software of the vote reader machines are designed with the capacity for external access and vote manipulation. That is, reader machines have the ability to switch votes, ad votes, drop votes using various algorithms. This is also backed up by examining vote patterns in a number of states. Sidney Powell claims solid evidence and whistle blowers. The companies involved in both the hardware and the software, can be traced back to Canada and Great Britain and other places. Evidence also exists that this capacity is integrated into the Five Eyes intelligence surveillance state,through private contractors connected to the CIA, and NSA and has been used operationally all over the world. This is not just for the last Presidential election, but local elections all over the nation, with complicit officials getting kickbacks for implementing these vote fraud systems.

This is so staggering. This is why they could run a near corpse for President. It didn't matter. "I don't need your support, I need your support after the election," said Joe Biden in an unfiltered early stage dementia moment. Meanwhile all the institutions and mainstream media are going ahead as if Biden is coming in as President as they censor and block all news of these revelations. So it is no longer just a question of contesting a few states, the whole election was a fraud. Meanwhile anywhere from half a million to a million, or more showed up at the Stop the Steal rally in Washington, D.C. and thousands more at all state capitals throughout the nation, with the mainstream media blackout or only at best claiming a few thousands. At this point there will be no country unless this fraud is dealt with, with perpetrators going to jail. Since this apparatus includes the intelligence community and the FBI, this could be the impetus for the great beginning of the "drain the swamp."


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