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Three thousand years ago the greatest human fortune ever amassed on Earth was passed on from father to son. King David in 970BC gave Solomon 1 million talents of silver (that means somewhere between 60 and 100 million pounds of silver, or 30 to 50 thousand tons of silver, worth about 25 billion dollars today at recent market closes of about $16/ounce).

David also gave Solomon 100 thousand talents of gold (that is between 6 and 10 million pounds of gold, or 3-5 thousand tons of gold, worth about 250 billion dollars today at $1600/ounce).

Just to help put this into perspective for us living in 2020, David had 1 million more pounds of gold, than is in Fort Knox, the largest gold holdings, of the wealthiest country ever in history, the USA.

Another piece would help and that is David held the equivalent of more than half of all the wealth of the world. Today’s global wealth is about $250 trillion dollars, so in terms of 2020, David had an equivalent of 125 trillion dollars of wealth.

The First temple: Giving All to God

And what did the richest man in the world do with all that? He gave it to the Lord for his son to use in building the First Temple.

So, from this incredibly vast inheritance, Solomon built a Temple (known as the First Temple). Join me reading about that amazing event as you open there with me to I Chronicles 22:14:

Indeed I have taken much trouble to prepare for the house of the LORD one hundred thousand talents of gold and one million talents of silver, and bronze and iron beyond measure, for it is so abundant. I have prepared timber and stone also, and you may add to them.

Then at the end of his life, David made one more transfer, he called it his “special” treasure. Turn over to I Chronicles 29:2-5

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