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(New York Times) Saudi intelligence officials warned the United States in early October that Al Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen was planning a terrorist attack using one or more aircraft, three weeks before a plot to send parcel bombs on cargo planes was foiled at the last minute, American and European officials said Friday.
(Jacksonville) As many as 1,800 military and civilian personnel from across the nation will participate in a simulated nuclear weapon incident at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base beginning today.

While the majority of activity will be on base, residents living near Kings Bay will be affected by the drill. They can expect to see emergency vehicles, especially today, driving to a local hospital. Residents may also see smoke and hear loud noises coming from the base.
(CNN) -- In a rare public admission, Yemen's Foreign Minister told CNN that U.S. drones are aiding his country in its campaign against al Qaeda
(AP) Canada will keep between 900 and 950 troops in Afghanistan in a noncombat training role after Canada's combat mission ends in 2011, a senior government official said Monday.
(Press TV0 Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists and anti-Zionist groups have demanded a full boycott of goods and products made in the occupied Palestinian territories.


Mark Penn Says Obama Needs Another Oklahoma City Bombing To 'Click' With The Country

EU Mulls Blacklisting Airports That Aren't Secure

Around the world, a race against time bombs in air

Saudis Warned U.S. of Attack Before Parcel Bomb Plot

White House to Yemen: Share more now

U.S. gives Yemen key intelligence to strike al Qaeda

Military Aid to Yemen Doubles as U.S. Aims to Boost Fight Against Al-Qaeda

NLE Nuclear drill puts national focus on Kings Bay

American Airlines Pilots in Revolt Against the TSA

U.S. drones operating in Yemen, foreign minister says

Flyover Plan Draws Flak

Canada to remain in Afghanistan past 2011

US to spend 500 million dollars on embassy in Afghanistan

Afghans Drop Charges Against Aide

U.S.-born Yemen cleric: No need for religious authorization to kill Americans

Resurgent al-Qaida threatens Christians in Iraq with 'destruction'

Russian activist disappears after exposing vaccination plans for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Russian journalist attacked in Moscow

London hosts campaign to boycott Israel

U.S. 'deeply disappointed' with new East Jerusalem construction plan

Iran slams U.N. nuclear chief, denies keeping secrets

'Detainee torture massive US policy'

German police clash with protesters

Iran calls for 'new, just world order'

Mental Health Visits Rise as Parent Deploys

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