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The reason I'm concerned is that he had access to a freemason temple, you need to be a member to join, he's accusing a Jewish rabbi priest of being a false prophet when the Jew he accuses keeps Sabbath holy and is asking for revival and Repentance. He also says to have a reformation, when all the leaders of SDA like Doug Batchelor are asking for Revival and Repentance. So those who side with lucifer and are devil worshippers always go against God's people the false prophets have no love inside of them, are bitter and you know their messengers of God when they have love in their heart. The tip of the iceberg was when he said he needs donations, look in the bible it says Goss people won't go around like a beggar asking for money. I'm not fully accusing Forerunner777 of being a false prophet but his latest actions and comments are a bit far from what the top SDA leaders operate. and also finally the name. I would be cautious when using 777 God's holy name what is he trying to say by talking about forerunner 777? is he trying to run 777 over? just curious and I want Chris to tell us the truth is he a double agent working for freemasons? because he had access to a masonic temple and only members are allowed to go in, he also seemed to admire and love it when he was in the masonic temple. Just being a good watchman on the wall 88 for the people of God, be careful with wolves in sheep's clothing. God bless Chris but if he's an impostor I would kindly ask for these infiltrators posing as SDA to be careful when dealing with God's holy and righteous chosen people. because whoever curses God's people will be cursed but whoever blesses God's people will be blessed.

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