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This is my edit of the ORIGINAL "FIREBALL across the night sky" video. Enjoy!!

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Thanks for checking out my videos, my name is Bryan "Beetle" and my last name is Bailey I have been driving trucks since I turned 21 years old (20+ Years). I went to a private driving school and not a mega carrier to get my CDL. I will suggest if anyone is looking to become a truck driver to look into KLLM / FFE driving academy in Lancaster TX. Here is a link to that page.

Please help me support my channel by clicking the links below, I am now an affiliate of Amazon in 2020. I only get a small credit for your purchases on the items listed below. This helps me grow my channel. Here is a list of few items that might help you grow your channel.

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Getting Started with YouTube Vlogging, stuff you will need:
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If you have anything to want to see, send it to me via email,
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I am always open to possibly a sponsored ad or product reviews if you have any.

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