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Today Tom Friess from Inquisition Update accompanies me in this new reading that will replace the bookreading I've started on my own. Why? Well, just listen and understand the bigger picture this reading will reveal to you.

The book "End Time Delusions" by Steve Wohlberg can, as a pdf (for now) be found here:
And it will be available AFTER the reading on my library in an edited version with added Links, correct bibleverses and comments for your study.

All videos of the study can be found on this playlist:
Exploding the Israel Deception Study

Here is the content of the book:
Section 1 Rapture Delusions

Chapter 1 Now You See Them, Now You Don’t . . .21
Chapter 2 The Parousia and Twinkling Eyes . .27
Chapter 3 Will God’s Church Escape Tribulation? .. .33

Section 2 Seven-Year Tribulation Delusions

Chapter 4 The Seven-Year Tribulation Theory . . .39
Chapter 5 Dropping the Bomb . . . .43
Chapter 6 David Van Biema’s Secret . . .49

Section 3 Antichrist Delusions

Chapter 7 Antichrist: Facts vs. Fiction . . . .55
Chapter 8 Paul’s Point: Antichrist Comes First .. . .59
Chapter 9 Falling Away From the Truth . . . .63
Chapter 10 Judas: A Type of Antichrist . .. . .67
Chapter 11 One Future Mr. Diabolical? . .. .71
Chapter 12 Titanic Truths About the Temple . .73
Chapter 13 The Restrainer: Myths and Memories .. .77
Chapter 14 Putting the Pieces Together . . .83
Chapter 15 Echoes of Forgotten Voices . . . .87
Chapter 16 1260 Years: The Time Factor . . .95
Chapter 17 The Return of the Wounded Beast . . .101
Chapter 18 The I.D. of Antichrist . . .105
Chapter 19 Battle of the Isms . . . .111

Section 4 The Israel Delusion

1. Wrestling with an Angel
2. A new Look at Jesus Christ
3. The shocking Principles of Two Israels!
4. "Choice" and the Chosen Nation
5. The "70th Week of Daniel" Delusion
6. The Divine Divorce
7. When the Wall came Tumbling Down
8. 1948 - An "Unsinkable" Doctrin?
9. Titanic Truths about the Temple
10. When the River Euphrates Runs Dry
11. Frogs, Fables and Armageddon
12. Thunder from Heaven's Temple
13. 144.000 Israelites Indeed

Tom Friess reads and discusses "Romanism and the Reformation from the Standpoint of Prophecy" by Henry Grattan Guinness:
The book here:

Simon Peter VS Simon Magus

Playlist ‘Inquisition Update’:

Playlist "Hour of the Truth meets Inquisition Update"

Richard Bennett - Vatican Control Through Civil Law

Richard Bennett: How the Vatican Uses Secular Governments to Impose Its Will !

Literature (Delusional!):

Planet Earth 2000 A.D., by Hal Lindsey

50 Remarkable Events Pointing to the End, by Ed Dobson

The Next 7 Great Events of the Future, by Randal Ross

The Edge of Time, by Peter and Patti Lalonde

Third Temple is Only Cure for Coronavirus, Says Israeli Rabbi

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