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This video is closed captioned for the hard of hearing.

We are definitely headed for a cashless society and all of the convenience that entails. But not everyone is thrilled at the prospect. I look at both views.

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The series "Yes or no in five minutes" supplements the "Two Sides to every Question" series ( , which addresses a number of important issues, mainly moral and philosophical, which we all have to wrestle with from time to time. My belief is that every issue of any consequence has plausible and sometimes even thoughtful positions on both sides of the question. What I am doing is to try and rehearse the two or three principal yes or no answers for each and then topping that off, where appropriate, with my own opinion. When you think about it, the world would probably be a better place if everyone accepted that there are Two Sides to Every Question.

My promise to you is that I will keep it simple and jargon free. Too often, when I have examined difficult questions, especially in religion and philosophy, the academic frameworks and terminology used are so arcane that they are barely comprehensible. I will speak in plain language and be sufficiently brief that the point will be clear.

I hope you are stimulated, helped, and even entertained.

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