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Christine not only FAILED on her last prediction of Jesus returning on November 19th 2021, but she also deleted like 20 videos that she had made about November 19th 2021 prior to November 19th 2021. The Bible warned us to beware of false prophets! Christine is a false prophet!

What amazes me too is the FACT she always has an excuse! So why do I expose Christine?

Well because it is written in the bible that only God knows when Jesus will appear and that not even the son knows but the father only, and yet we have Christine here who believes she's above Jesus and has "Special Privileged Knowledge " but there's only 1 problem! CHRISTINE IS ALWAYS WRONG!!!!

So what this proves, this woman is very arrogant. We're all waiting for the return of Jesus but how many of us would dare set a date? Christine believes she's heard from a higher power and believes that power to be God. However, if she had heard from God then why is she ALWAYS WRONG?!!!! She's been wrong so many times already.

She deleted everything because once again Christine was WRONG!!!!
The Bible states, "You Will Know Them By Their Fruits" What has Christine shown you?
She has shown us that she's WRONG ALL THE TIME!!!

Here's Christine's channel



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