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Chinese planes and tanks launch rockets like a storm on the Indian border.
Chinese planes and tanks launched rockets like a storm: "Threatening" India is right on the border!

It is particularly noteworthy that this activity takes place in the context of China and India promoting negotiations to reduce the escalation of border tensions between the two countries.

On September 14, the Chinese military released a video recording a large-scale military joint exercise exercise taking place in the mountainous regions of Tibet with the participation of numerous forces. task forces, tanks, drones (UAVs), attack aircraft and rocket launch systems.

Especially noteworthy is that this activity takes place in the context that China and India are promoting negotiations to find solutions to reduce the escalation of border tensions between the two countries.

The editor-in-chief of Global Times, an edition of the People's Daily - the official mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, did not hesitate to declare that the exercise was organized by the Chinese military. practice attacking targets on the border line with India.

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