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Chase exam master Mark Labbett has announced that he's now dropped three sizes on his weight loss journey. Known as the Beast, the 47-year-old tweeted a photo of himself, along with a photo of his new frame, and captioned the post with the news of the switch to a smaller clothing size. “52-inch chest from 5xl to 2xl, still work to do,” Labbett tweeted. "XL or bust." READ * Chase star Mark Labbett feels 'guilty' for losing 63kg * Chase star The Beast shows sustained weight loss * The Beast from The Chase loses more weight to become 'the weakest hunter' Labbett's post was met with hundreds of responses from fans showing their support for the TV star. "Well done MarkLabbett that's great, I dropped 75kg on my own weight loss journey a few years ago so I know how hard but rewarding this is, keep up the good work," one commenter wrote. “You are such an inspiration to so many people,” another user wrote. Chase co-star Paul Sinha also weighed in on the big reveal by making a joke about Labbett's surroundings. "Wait a second, they put you in a nicer hotel room than me," Sinha wrote. In a recent episode of the UK talk show Loose Women, Labbett explained that she lost weight by changing her diet to eat less and drink more, a choice inspired by her diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Provided Mark Labbett's weight change from 2017 to 2022. “I think diabetes can help because I eat a lot less. I drink a lot more fluids,” Labbett told the Loose Women MCs.

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