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The Ministry of Transport and Communications has projected dry spells in the country such as Luapula and parts of North-western Province like Mwinilunga and Chavuma between October and December.
Meanwhile floods have been forecasted in most parts of Western Province between January and March while the rest of the country is expected to receive normal to below normal rainfall.
Permanent Secretary for Transport and communications, Misheck Lungu, in an interview with Muvi TV News, says the variations in rainfall patterns have been caused by climate change, due to deforestation and has urged members of the public to desist from cutting down trees.
He adds that parts of Lusaka, Central, Southern and Eastern Provinces will receive above normal rainfall during the period October, November and December.
Mr. Lungu has also called on the public to take measures aimed at protecting infrastructure during periods of flooding, and advised farmers to plant climate resilient crops for those that will experience dry spells and those that will experience floods to take up measures that will prevent the washing away of crops.

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