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Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the Army 2021 international military-technical forum and the International Army Games at the Patriot Park in Kubinka outside Moscow on Monday.

He noted that the Russian Armed Forces are being actively modernised and kept up to date.

He lauded the Army 2021 expo for showcasing a variety of military weapons which have "proved their reliability and effectiveness in real combat conditions".

He also stated that the International Army Games 2021 competition contributes to building rapport between the participating countries, as well as "serves to strengthen peace and international security". 

SOT, Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): "Our army and navy are actively modernising, receiving weapons and equipment of the latest generations. For example, the share of modern weapons in the strategic nuclear forces already exceeds 80 percent – it is more than in other nuclear countries of the world. It is clear that this is not relevant for everyone, but it is important for us and shows the level of development of our Armed Forces, the capabilities of our science and technology."

SOT, Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): "More than 28,000 units of modern weapons and equipment are presented within the framework of the forum - from small arms to artillery, tanks, military combat aircraft. Most of them were tested and passed inspection in combat conditions – they proved their reliability and effectiveness in real combat conditions."

SOT, Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): "I note that for the more than five thousand military professionals from 44 countries it is not only a good opportunity to test their tactical training and skills in weapons and equipment, not only that. Participation in the (International army) games is direct communication with colleagues, it makes a significant contribution to the development of trust and partnership between military professionals of our countries, serves to strengthen peace and international security."

The Army 2021 expo will be held between August 22-28, at Patriot Park, Kubinka Air Base, and Alabino military training grounds.

The International Army Games 2021 is held in 11 countries, including Russia, from August 22 to September 4.

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