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Hi, everyone, thanks for watching. In today's video I want to briefly touch on 2 news stories that caught my eye over the past few days, and how they relate to the Antichrist.

First, most of us either saw or heard about the speech that General Michael Flynn gave at the “Opening the Heavens” conference in Council Bluffs, Iowa. In that speech Flynn gave a short prayer that included strange references to the sevenfold rays and legions – language that was very unsettling to many Christians.

Flynn would defend himself a few days later, telling an interviewer that he took the prayer from a religious card he carries around in his wallet. According to Flynn, written on the card was a “Prayer to St. Michael”, and he carries it around because he was named after him. Flynn, who was raised Catholic, gave the impression that this was a Catholic prayer to Michael the Archangel.

The problem with that is that the Catholic Church has no such record of this particular prayer being offered at any time. However, there IS someone else who previously said this prayer using almost the exact same words. And that person was Elizabeth Clare Prophet, who founded the Church Universal and Triumphant back in 1975.

In case you didn't know, the Church Universal and Triumphant is based on the ideas of Theosophy, and is one of the “Ancient Wisdom” type of religions. Their belief system teaches that there are Ascended Masters speaking to us, it uses the Doctrine of the 7 Rays, chakras, reincarnation, and many more mystical secrets.Anyway, it turns out that not only did Elizabeth Clare Prophet recite almost the exact same prayer that Flynn did, but her doing so is on video, which I'll show it to you right now: check out this brief clip from TruNews, which compares what General Flynn said with what Elizabeth Clare Prophet said.

Before I show you the clip, I'm including this from TruNews only because they happened to do an excellent job breaking this down. I certainly do NOT recommend many of the videos on TruNews, because several are quite overt in their Antisemitism.But here's their breakdown on Flynn and Elizabeth Clare Prophet that TruNews put together. (video clip) That's really amazing, isn't it. The overlap between many in the MAGA movement and the occult continues unabated.

This shouldn't really surprise us, of course. Back before the 2016 election, many on the alt-right used ritual magic involving frogs, with names such as Kek and Pepe, as they looked to aid Trump in someway.Personally speaking, when I first learned about how often the alt-right tried to aid Trump with ritual magic involving frog symbology, I couldn't help but think of Revelation 16:13.“And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.”

If you want an in-depth examination of how much of the alt-right was using the occult to help Trump win the election, I suggest you check out “Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump” by Gary Lachman, which I have talked about a couple of times previously. If you prefer to watch a video rather than reading a book, there are a number of YouTube videos of the author giving interviews and speeches related to the alt-right and the occult.

Those videos should drive the point home about how the occult seems to be part and parcel of the MAGA movement, with General Flynn's speech being just the latest example.As Christians, we should remember that the bible DOES teach us that rise of the Antichrist is “according to the working of Satan”, and that “his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power”. In addition, the Antichrist has an understanding of “dark sentences”.

Thus, it should be no surprise that occult practices not only helped bring the Antichrist to power, but that the occult will also play a big role in his return for vengeance.One last thing on this: in case you've forgotten, the title MAGA is the highest degree in the Church of Satan. The other story I want to mention is news that Donald J. Trump is going to save the world. Now, you may be thinking that Jesus is the Savior of the world, but allow me to introduce someone who will inform you that it's actually TRUMP who will do this. I'll add captions at the bottom so you can read what's she saying.(video clip)

So, once again we have Trump supporters offering him the most extreme praise possible. He's not only making America great again, not only is he the greatest president ever – but, in fact, he's going to eventually save ALL of us. He IS the savior of the world.Of course, such praise of Trump is exactly what Trump himself eats up. His ego is already beyond what most of us can understand, so when his supporters start saying that he will save the world, you can be sure that Trump will ALSO start seeing himself as savior of the world. If he doesn't already, that is. ...



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