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Philosopher Alexander Dugin tells what Zionism is as the state ideology of Israel. Why Jews believe that they are the chosen people. What is the meaning of the dispersion of the Jews as a Jewish tradition? Why is Zionism, on the one hand, the continuation of Judaism, on the other - its denial.

I have translated his work just for you guys. Here is the original transcript:

· Judaism is associated with the notion that Jews are the chosen people (primarily in the religious sense). Their goal is to wait for the Messiah, who will be the King of Israel. Thus, their religion is associated with the expectation of the Messiah

· According to Judaism, at the beginning of the first millennium, the Jews went to the scattering. The Second Temple was destroyed, and a two thousand year history of their scattering began. This era is part of the Jewish tradition. The point is to atone for the sins of Israel accumulated at previous historical stages. If this redemption is valid and deep repentance, then, according to Jewish tradition, the Messiah will appear, which means the blessing of God's chosen people. In this case, the return of the Jews to Israel, the establishment of an independent statehood and the creation of the Third Temple

· This is the structure of the Jewish culture of expectation. The most consistent representatives of this approach are the fundamentalists from the Neturei Karta movement. They say that the Jewish God commanded to endure the difficulties of exile, so we must wait until the end and atone for sins. And when the Messiah comes, then you can return to the Promised Land

· How did it happen that the state has already been created, and the prohibitions are violated? In order to understand why modern Israel is in complete contradiction with the Jewish religion, it is necessary to return to the 17th century, the era of the pseudo-machiah Shabtai Tzvi, the right-of-law of Zionism. He stated that he was a mashaha, and therefore Jews could return to Israel. The fate of Shabtai Zvi is sad: when he arrived at the Ottoman sultan with claims to Palestine, he was given a choice: either to chop off his head, or to convert to Islam. And then a strange thing happens: Shabtai Zvi accepts Islam. Then it became a big disappointment for the Jewish communities.

· However, followers of Shabtai Zvi (Sabbatianism) appeared - the teaching was especially spread among Ashkenazi and Jews of Eastern Europe. At the same time, a Hasidic movement developed, which had no eschatological or messianic orientation, but spread Kabbalistic teaching among ordinary people.

· Theology has emerged in some sects of Sabbatianism (in particular, among Francoists in Poland): allegedly Shabtai Zvi was the real messiah and made the conversion to Islam on purpose thus, he committed “sacred treason” (betrayed Judaism for the coming of the Messiah)

· According to this logic, one can easily move into other religions - Frank, for example, first converted to Islam, then to Catholicism, argued how Jews eat Christian babies ... Completely transgress all forms of Talmudism, betrayed his faith - but the secret doctrine of Frank meant that after the 17th century, the very concept of the Messiah changed. Now the Jews themselves have become the Messiah - no need to wait for it, so even if you betray your religion, you are holy - you are God

· Thus, an intellectual environment for Zionism was created. Zionism is Jewish Satanism, Satanism within Judaism, turning over all the basics. If in Judaism one has to wait for the coming of the Messiah, then in Zionism a Jew is already a god. Further - violations of the Talmudic commandments

· Hence the specific relationship between Zionism and Judaism. On the one hand, Zionism is a continuation of Judaism, on the other, it is its refutation. The Zionists say that there is nothing more to repent of, they have suffered enough and they are God

· This explains the peculiarity of the modern Zionist state, which relies not only on Israel, but also on secular Jews, liberal Jews, Jewish communists, Jewish capitalists, Jewish Christians, Jewish Muslims, Hindu Jews, etc. Everyone who represents the network of Francoism - each of them can quietly carry out sacred treachery, build a state, assert world domination, establish a ban on criticism of Zionism (in some American states, criticism of the state of Israel is equated to anti-Semitism)

· Then they have only one step left - to blow up the Al-Aqsa mosque and proceed to the construction of the Third Temple. By the way, the Knesset has already allocated funds for research on the Temple Mount - everything is moving in this direction


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