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A bright green Meteor fireball lit up the sky over Alberta Province Canada
People across Alberta and Saskatchewan were treated to a bright light other than the rising sun on Monday morning. A quick flash was seen streaking across the early morning sky by people in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon, with reports early risers in the Alberta communities of Vulcan County and Stavely and the Saskatchewan community of Elstow also saw the spectacle.
Some lucky morning people who caught a glimpse of the display reported the bright light was red, green and yellow. People said the bright light lit up the sky just before 6:30 a.m. MST. According to professor and curator of meteorite collection at the University of Alberta Dr. Chris Herd, the bright flash was likely a meteor — and because it was “particularly bright,” they’re classifying it as a fireball.
“It means that some kind of a rock has come through the atmosphere and the outside is heated up to give us that bright fireball that people have caught on their doorbell cameras and other places,” Herd told 630 CHED Mornings. Herd said it’s possible experts will locate fragments of the meteor, called meteorites, but it depends on the size.
The outside of the meteor heats up and eventually breaks the meteor into smaller pieces, and Herd said if the chunk of space rock — which likely broke off an asteroid — was big enough to start with, it could mean sizeable pieces can be found and studied. Where those fragments could have landed, though, is a total mystery. The end point of the bright streak of the meteor is typically as much as 15 to 20 kilometres in altitude, Herd said, meaning the chunks of rock continue falling in what’s called “dark flight.”
“People need to be aware that it’s a bit of an optical illusion,” he said. “What we need is observations from different orientations so we can literally triangulate.”
Herd said in November 2008, a large fireball was seen in the Alberta sky and many people believed it “landed” in the Edmonton river valley, but the fragments were actually found an entire province away in Saskatchewan.

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Fireball lights up Alberta's northern sky on Monday morning
Meteor lights up Alberta sky
Alberta's northern sky lit up by meteor Monday morning

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