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1999-FJ21 HIGH MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE WARNING 10.12.2021-10.24.2021

New October Asteroids for this year and the New Year 2022 through 2044!

☆Appollo 9,560 Feet 11.21.2021 7.0  + causing Object High Magnitude Earthquake Warning Distance  10,000,000 Million Miles

☆2013-AY5. 1.23.2022

10.7.2021~10.29.2021 WARNING ⚠️

The Following are High Velocity (NEO's) Asteroids Capable of Causing High Magnitude Earthquakes in Changing Regions As Time Progress; 2023 outlook.

1998-SD9, 2021-QF5 , 2021-RG19,  2014-TM, 2021-RF2, 2021-RE10, 2021-RP12, 2019-SE5, 2015-TQ1, 1991-TT, 2017-UL52, 2017-FL17 2021-RF5, 2021-PB15, 2014-YF,  2021-RP12, 2010-UP, 2014-TM, 2017-SP19, 2017-FL101, 2013-VW4, 2015-XT1, 2013-LN12. 2000-ED14, 2010-XX72 10, 2002-XY32, 2013-VW4, 1999-FJ21. 2010-SC17.

Will Cause More Vents and Eruptions At La Palma ! 9.28.2021 & 2021-RG19 9.30.2021- 10.29.2021 High Solar Wind. (3.0~7.0 MG) causing objects.

Comet: 342/P S0HOC to X Class Flare Date : 10.18.2021

Comets to Cause Seismic Disruptions 67/P & 17/P Holmes Until 1.1.2022

1.16.2022 High Magnitude Magnitude Earthquake Warning from ☆2013-AY52

New October & 2022 Asteroids & Calculated Solar Flare Events and High Magnitude Earthquake Days for September of 2021 into the year 2044 Below;

Comet: 67/P Southern to Northern Hemisphere Seismic Activity Affecting Comet

17P/ Holmes Northern to Southern Hemisphere Seismic Activity Affecting Comet

Comet 942/P SO Solar Flare Warning 10.18.2021 ~ 10.19.2021

10.18.2021 Solar Flare Event
High Magnitude Earthquake Warning from The Following NEOS for the month of September!

The Following is a list of High Velocity NEOS Capable of Causing High Magnitude Earthquakes World Wide. Throughout This fall, Winter and Further Into The Year 2022!

☆1999-FJ21 & 2021-RE10! 1,411 Feet In Diamter Asteroid Magnitude Earthquake Warning La Palma 10.11.2021~10.18.2021 ⚠️

☆2017-SC17 10.17.2021
☆2013-VW4 10.17.2021
☆2002-XY32 12.16.2022
☆2004-ED14 10.26 2023
☆2010-LN14 3.25.2022 High Magnitude Earthquake Warning
☆2013-AY32 1.16.2022
☆2014-YF 10.20.2021
☆2015-XT1 10.16.2021
☆2017-FL101 10.9.2021
☆2010-UP 10.24.2021
☆2021-QF5 10.11.2021
☆1991-TT 10.9.2021
☆2021-RG19 9.29.2021 (La Palma)
☆ 2021-RE10. 10.21.2021 Iceland Ka Palma, Russia, India, Japan, Albania, Croatia Greece, Italy, U.K. Movement finland, scotland,  Seismic Activity movement. High Lattitude Affecting Object. 4.0 Mgs+
☆2021-PB15 10.8.2021 High Magnitude Earthquake Warning
☆2021-PB15 3.7.2022
☆2021-QW High Magnitude Earthquake Warning ⚠️ 9.6.2021 & 3.23.2023!
☆2004-YC 11.30.2021 High Magnitude Earthquake Warning

☆2021-OZ  12.30.2021 1.1.2022 Continuous Seismic Affecting Object.2021-OZ

☆2004-YC High Magnitude Earthquake Warning 12.15.2021
Future Calculated High Magnitude Earthquake Dates;

☆Appollo Object: 9,560 Feet 11.21.2021 5.0 + causing Object
Distance from Earth = 10,000,000 Miles

Late October In November
☆ 2000-ED14 & 2004-FN32

◇12.11.2021 High Magnitude Earthquake Warning Day⚠️
◇10.19.2021 Solar Flare Warning
◇10.13.2021 Solar Flare Warning ⚠️
◇11.28.2021 HMEW ⚠️
◇1.3.2025 High Magnitude Earthquake Warning
◇7.4.2025 HMED

19P/Borelley High Magnitude Earthquake Event 2.13.2022


☆4.9.2022 Solar Flar Prediction! 2019-OK

9.23-25.2021 @4:48:28 GMT High Magnitude Earthquake Cali & La Palma !

Diamter: 279
Distance: -Roughly at closest approach 600,000 Miles
2008-TA is Capable of causing 5.0-7.0 High Magnitude Earthquakes.

☆ 12.10.2021

◇ 12.9.2021

◇12.30.2021 2021-OZ High Magnitude Earthquake Watch

◇8.12.2023 Venus & Earth Moon Allignment

◇6.25.2022 High Magnitude Earthquake Warning ⚠️


◇ 10.6.2021 Solar Flare Prediction Warning ⚠️

◇10.25.2021 High Magnitude Earthquake Warning

◇11.22.2021 High Magnitude Earthquake Watch From 2021-KH2

Apollo 9,000 Feet +

◇1.15.2022 Solar Flare Warning

◇3.25.2022 to 6.28.2022 High Magnitude Earthquake Warning


High Magnitude Earthquake Warning
Alaska, Iceland, Greece, China, Russia, Japan, Canada, Spain, Turkey. High Lattitude, Northern Hemisphere Affecting NEO. North East To South West Epicenter Trajectory. Starts In the Northern Hemisphere, Ends Up Affecting New Zealand , Australia, Phillipines, Indonesia, Italy, Africa and India, Antarctica. North to South pole Affecting NEO.

◇10.3.2023 High Magnitude Earthquake Warning

◇2.1~4.2024 High Magnitude Earthquake Warning

◇2.28.2021 High Magnitude Earthquake Warning

◇ 9.7.2025


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